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First of all we want to say thank you for each and everyone of you who have supported the Gospel H.I.M.S. Ministry during it's 20 your journey. From those who helped us in the very beginning  and those who helped us to the very end. We give all praise and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who has carried us through the 20 year journey. We're so honored to be able to have been a part of this ministry and all the different places that we have been in which we thought we never would've gone. From Gospel sings to Church Revival to Sunday morning services to Sunday night concerts to Television programs and also being in the nursing homes and seeing shut ins. the Lord has truly blessed. As we ended the year last year we have been in prayer as far as where to go. At the end of last year I (Joe) retired from the Ministry of the Gospel H.I.M.S the Lord has been dealing with my heart for quite some time to go forth to preach His Word. So as I retired from the group I think of all the fond memories that I will hold dear to me of all the events that took place during that 20 year. The men decided as well to take 6 months off to determine what they are doing as it stands at this moment I'm not sure if they will continue in the Gospel H.I.M.S ministry or not. So from the bottom of all of our hearts again we say thank you please keep the remainder of the group in your prayers as well as myself as I seek a new journey to serve my Lord my Savior Jesus Christ. Im not sure how long the website will be up and running but please check back there may be some new dates for the group at this time there are a few dates that are scheduled for mid summer but there again I'm not sure if the group is going to continue. But until then as we've always said "Here there or in the Air" God bless you thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your services and we're truly blessed leaps and bounds how our Heavenly Father used us so we hope to see you again sometime you never know God bless you.

The GOSPEL H.I.M.S. MINISTRY needs your prayers

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